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From now on, the free games you get when buying Nvidia GPUs will only be redeemable by you

The era of flipping extra Nvidia promo codes on eBay is over.


Nvidia has made a big change to the way promo codes are going to work from now on.

The codes we're referring to here are the free ones you sometimes get with certain GPU purchases, such as the currently active offer that gets you a free code of either For Honor or Ghost Recon: Wildlands when you buy a GTX 1070 or 1080.

Typically, the codes are sent by your retailer after you complete your purchase. The codes can then be redeemed on an Nvidia site to for them to turn into Steam or Uplay keys. This allowed said codes to be sold either in bulk by shady retailers on eBay, or by users who simply didn't want the games.

Going forward, this practice will be coming to an end. Now, the code you receive with your purchase can only be redeemed on a PC with the same GPU you bought. As an extra layer of verification, the process has to be done using GeForce Experience, which verifies the game is being redeemed by the buyer.

The updated FAQ (via NeoGAF) doesn't explicitly state if codes will be tied to your specific card, such as being locked to the serial number, or if it simply means the same GPU model.

That said, we're no doubt going to find out when the next promo rolls around and people try to find a loophole. Until then, consider this run of $20-$30 Nvidia game codes on eBay over.

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