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Freedom Finger is a classic schmup with a star-studded cast

Wide Right Interactive's new title featuring Nolan North and John DiMaggio releases this summer.

Freedom Finger is a side-scrolling shoot 'em up from Wide Right Interactive with a "highly satirical storyline that explores hot-button topics such as communism, US foreign policy, sriracha sauce, and, most importantly, crafting in videogames."

The studio was founded by Emmy nominated director and writer Jim Dirschberger, who is also the game's designer, producer, and writer.

Freedom Finger's cast includes the dulcet tones of Nolan North (Uncharted's Nathan Drake, Destiny's Ghost), and the wonderfully gravelly voice of John DiMaggio (Adventure Time's Jake the Dog, Gears of War's Marcus Fenix).

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They're joined by Sam Riegel (Fallout: New Vegas, Metal Gear Solid) and Eric Bauza (Looney Tunes Adventures, Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).

“As our first video game title, we wanted to create something that would really stand out and surprise people,” said Dirschberger. “Freedom Finger combines a satirical story, insane characters, punk visuals, an awesome soundtrack, and intense rhythmic shmup gameplay into something that we think players will have never seen before.”

Players will step into the shoes rookie space pilot, Gamma Ray, "flying his bad ass, giant, fist-shaped ship and embarking on an intergalactic rescue mission to save lunar scientists who have been taken hostage by terrorists.

"However, players will soon discover their mission is more sinister than first thought, forcing them to make difficult decisions that determine the fate of the innocent hostages."

You can check out Freedom Finger's features below:

  • Classic shmup gameplay shootin' blended with platforming-like environmental hazards.
  • Melee combat! You're flying a giant fist, so use it. Punch, Toss, and Smash enemies to smithereens!
  • The unique Grab attack allows you to capture enemies! You can then use them as a shield or wield their guns against their own comrades!
  • Fight your way through 36 handcrafted levels, spread outover 12 worlds!
  • Each world features new enemies, power-ups, and challenges!
  • A wide selection of difficulty settings. Whether you want to chill and enjoy the story or crank the difficulty for a butt-blasting ridiculous challenge, we've got you covered!
  • A highly satirical storyline that explores hot-button topics such as communism, US foreign policy, sriracha sauce, and, most importantly,crafting in videogames.
  • A unique soundtrack including music by Red Fang, METZ, Power Trip, Com Truise, White Fence, Ty Segall, Makeup and Vanity Set, True Widow, The Radio Dept., Drab Majesty, Danimal Cannon, John Maus, Vektroid, Cleaners from Venus, Male Gaze, Ezee Tiger, The Mall, and many more!
  • Rhythm based chaos! The music is heavily connected to the gameplay, so things like enemies, bosses, attacks, and events aresynced to the music.

The single-player title is coming to PC and Mac this summer.

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