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Force Unleashed tops UK 10

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A galaxy far, far away came a little closer to home in Britain this week, as The Force Unleashed defied those nasty reviewers to tip the top of the UK charts. Just goes to show.

Last week's list here. Data for the week ending September 20.

  1. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (LucasArts)
  2. Wii Fit (Nintendo)
  3. Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo)
  4. Warhammer Online: Age Of Reckoning (EA)
  5. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 (EA)
  6. Mercenaries 2: World In Flames (EA)
  7. Wii Play (Nintendo)
  8. Carnival: Funfair Games (2K)
  9. TNA Impact! (Midway)
  10. Spore (EA)

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