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Fiverr introduces game development services

Fiverr, the popular online freelance marketplace, is getting into game development.

Newsweek reports that Fiverr has started offering game development jobs and tasks for studios and individuals looking for all kinds of development work.

There are 30 distinct categories, everything from writing and video editing to more strenuous roles like programming and animation. As with most content on Fiverr, freelancers can upload samples of their work, and the site even recognises industry-exclusive skills such as proficiency with Unity and Unreal engines.

Freelancers are able to set a price for their services, but the competitive nature of the platform ensures that this is always dictated by the market.

"We have game agencies that are leveraging the platform in order to get resources for game design and development," head of vertical experience Yan Chelly told Newsweek.

This couldn't have arrived at a worse time for the games industry, however. As calls for unionisation get increasingly louder, freelance workers stand to lose the most.

"Freelancers lack contracts that would offer workplace security such as healthcare, pension, sick pay, holiday pay etc," Games Workers Unite's Marijam Didzgalvyte said.

"When the market dictates how much a person's value is worth, contractors are encouraged to compete against each other and undervalue their work."

[Editor's note: f**k this.]

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