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First Defiance DLC announced for August 20 release

Trion Worlds' attempt to monetize an MMO like other publishers do offline games with a season pass for DLC is going to kick off next week with the launch of the Castithan Charge Pack, the game's first paid post-launch content, on all platforms on August 20. This pack comes with some new quests and a big truck that four players can ride in at the same time, among other things, and will cost $10 if you did not buy the $40 season pass.

If you don't know what a Castithan is, watch this teaser for the pack.

These are the things you get, in case you were wondering.

Play as a Castithan (you can even convert your current character if you’d like!)
Battle against the Volge in massive Siege battles
Access new Battle Arenas and earn a Castithan Blade reward
Duel other players in best-of-three matches
Drive the Raptor Truck, Defiance’s first 4-player vehicle
Fight with the new charge weapons, including pistols, shotguns, and sniper rifles
Plus: new pursuits, new story lines, and more

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