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Count down the seconds until Final Fantasy 7 Remake ep 2 launches with these extraordinarily expensive FF7 watches

We've got good news for anyone who has been putting a few dollars aside in a jar every week since Final Fantasy 7 Remake was first announced.

The Square Enix store is selling two Final Fantasy branded watches, one themed around Cloud Strife and the other around Sephiroth. Both are available to preorder now.

How much will they set you back? Oh, not too much. They're just £1,777.77/$2,499.99 each.

There's no denying that they're attractive watches - and serious watch collectors will perhaps be balk at those prices - but we also kind of feel like these watches should, at the very least, be capable of running Final Fantasy 7.

These time pieces feature exposed mechanisms on the back, the Final Fantasy 7 logo embossed on the back, and a mother of pearl centre. They're made in Japan, and will be limited to 77 pieces per region. They'll come with a collector's case, and odds are most people who buy them will not be wearing them.

They're due in March 2020, which is when Final Fantasy 7 Remake itself launches.

If you're in a position to drop this sort of money on a watch, congratulations.

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