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Fight Night Round 4 will be more accessible, says EA


EA's Dean Richards, executive producer on Fight Night Round 4, has told VG247 that the issue of accessibility in Fight Night Round 3 is something that the team have addressed in the new game.

"The accessibility part was a big to us," said Richards. "So we want to make it so regardless if you're just a boxing fan or a gamer that you immediately can get in the ring and start throwing punches and get that feel for the game right away.

"The problem with Round 3 was, that you'd have to finish your punch before you could throw the next one. It wasn't really as responsive as you'd think it is.

"So the first thing we wanted to do was attack that with speed," he went on. "First of all it was at 30 frames per second now it's at 60 frames per second which obviously adds a tremendous amount of fidelity in your feel.

"But we also changed the total punch control a little bit to allow body punches and head punches to be comboed more easily.

"To be able to throw fast combos, and to add a little bit accessibility on the total punch control, really adds to that 'pick-up-and-play,'" concluded Richards.

Fight Night Round 4 is out next month.

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