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The Ted Lasso players in FIFA 23 are super OP

Jamie Tartt has potential to be better than Harry Kane

That Ted Lasso’s AFC Richmond are in FIFA 23 is fun enough, but despite the team favouring good vibes over skills in the show, in-game some of the main characters' stats have to be seen to be believed.

Over the last few days, EA Sports has been releasing the new ratings for top players around the world. But with the full game now just a week away, you can see the full database of stats for every player online.

Joining the likes of the Classic XI and MLS All-Stars in the Rest of the World league, AFC Richmond has an average overall rating of 78, putting them between Wolves and Everton in the mid-table mush of the Premier League.

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However, while a lot of the background characters aren’t very remarkable, some series regulars would slot right into the very best teams if they were available on the open market.

First there’s mercurial starlet Jamie Tartt, a prodigious Man City loanee in the show, whose stats look massively overpowered given his 84 rating.

With 4 star weak foot, 5 star skills and nearly 90 dribbling, he’s already an elite ball carrier. Team that with 85 pace, 86 finishing and nearly 80 strength and he’s an extremely good all-rounder to boot. And just like in the show he’s a dead-ball specialist too, with nearly 90 free kicks and penalties.

But he’s not alone. As we all know, FOOTBALL IS LIFE, and his strike partner Danny Rojas is really, really good too. He has the deadly combination of 85 pace, dribbling and finishing.

Further down the pitch, Ted’s favourite winger Sam is ridiculously good as well. With 90 pace and 80 crossing, stamina and dribbling, as well as solid stats everywhere else, he’s an absolute rock.

The one that’s most surprising for me though is Moe Bumbercatch in the heart of midfield. He’s extremely good despite his 79 overall, with a 5 star weak foot, 80 stamina and decent defending to make him reliable in a variety of situations. That enough would make him stand out, but 90 pace, 80 dribbling and 85 short passing make him an Nkunku-style shuttler that could hang with the best of them.

It’s a shame that the legend Roy Kent is a bit slow to make a real impact on the meta, but with 95 aggression (the joint highest in the game) he should win every 50-50 and never get pushed off the ball.

FIFA 23 is slated to drop on September 30, with a whole host of changes before the series hangs up its boots and transitions into EA SPORTS FC next year.

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