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Is this Far Cry 4's other secret alternate ending?

Far Cry 4 has at least two alternate endings, and it looks like the second one might have been found.

Far Cry 4 players found an alternate ending to the Ubisoft Montreal shooter within days of launch.

Shortly thereafter, creative director Alex Hutchinson confirmed that there's at least one more secret alternate ending to Far Cry 4.

It looks like that ending might have been found. As one of our commenters noted at the time (well done, Matt Vickers!), you have a short opportunity to shoot down Pagan Min's chopper at the end of the game. The video below shows this happening, as well as a crash site you can check out afterwards. This seems to line up with Hutchinson's comments about a "whole new mini-location".

Like many others, I had assumed Hutchinson's reference to making a snap decision "at the end" meant at the end of the prologue, where you find the first alternate ending, but now that I read over his tweets again I'm pretty sure this is the ending he was talking about after all.

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