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Famitsu scares up first details on Level-5’s PSP horror RPG, Ushiro

This week’s issue of Japanese game mag Famitsu brings word that Level-5 is developing a brand new RPG for PSP.

Titled “Ushiro,” which roughly translates to “behind,” the game will slip you into the garb of a shinigami (Japanese grim reaper), who will “cling on behind people that have exhausted their lives to experience their lives.”

Once you’ve Yoda-ed your way onto your quarry, it’s apparently up to you to “observe, possess, and fulfill the wishes” of that person. You’ll also do battle with a monster that embodies “a person’s malice.”

Sounds fascinating. Consider our interest piqued.

The game hits Japan sometime in 2009.

Thanks, Gamekyo.

By Nathan Grayson

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