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Ex-SAS chap writing Medal of Honor prequel novel


EA's announced ex-soldier Chris Ryan will be writing a novel which acts as a prequel to Medal of Honor.

Ryan, in case you don't know other then being a critically acclaimed author, was previously part of the SAS for ten years.

Nothing on the book's story was detailed by EA.

"It is a real privilege to be involved in a game with such a heritage as Medal of Honor," said Ryan.

"Combining my experience as an SAS soldier in the Gulf War with missions from the videogame itself enabled me to create an authentic and respectful account of an elite soldier fighting in Afghanistan for Medal of Honor: The Book.

"Bringing together the disciplines of literature and videogames has been a new but compelling experience for me as a writer, resulting in what is hopefully an engaging read for fans of videogames and novels alike."

The book will be given away with any pre-orders to the game at HMV before getting a general release soon after.

Medal of Honor itself launches on October 15 in Europe.

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