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Evolve Stage 2's newest co-op map variant contains hordes of infected wildlife and Gorgon minions

The newest map for Evolve Stage 2 has gone into beta.

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As part of the month-long Evolve Stage 2 “Shear Madness” event, the experimental Co-op Operation The Deepest Dark is a linear 4-player co-op experience.

It's a new map variant within the Co-op vs. AI menu, and once players dive into The Deepest Dark, players will be met with hordes of infected wildlife and Gorgon minions which have matched from the Queen of Gorgons' eggs.

We'll let Turtle Rock Studios paint the scene for you:

"At the start of the operation, the Hunters are greeted by an ominous voice setting the scene and alluding to the events that have led to the Queen of Gorgons taking over a Wraith containment facility and the surrounding area.

"As the team makes their way to the Queen’s lair, they’ll face hordes of infected wildlife and Gorgon minions that spawn from the Queen’s eggs. Can the Hunters survive and take down the Queen of Gorgons to uncover why she’s on Shear?"

If you are interested in trying this out for yourself, Evolve Stage 2 is a free download on Steam.

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