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Evolve gets new support Hunter in latest DLC drop

Evolve players have a new role to play.


The latest Evolve DLC drop is a support class hunter called Kala, available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

A biologist, Kala has spliced monster DNA into her own genome and can draw on powers similar to those of her foes:

  • Siren Missiles – an improvement on Kraken technology, these airborne missiles home in on nearby enemies. When placed on the ground, they become more powerful, slower moving homing mines
  • Teleport Pads – an improvement on Wraith technology, these pads allow teammates to move instantaneously from one part of the map to another
  • Armor Reducer – using Goliath’s armor technology, the Armor Reducer shoots a beam which temporarily removes the Monster’s armor. The armor quickly regenerates once the beam connection breaks

Kala is available for individual purchase, as part of the Hunting Season 2 pass, or in the Evolve: Ultimate Edition bundle, which includes both Hunting Season passes to date.

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