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Evolve 1.3 patch nerfs Wraith, adjusts Kraken

Evolve is receiving a new patch that aims to put an end to the Wraith's dominance.

evolve wraith 8

Evolve developer Turtle Rock outlined a few of the changes coming in patch 1.3. The patch brings balance changes to the monsters - mainly the Wraith - as well as other various changes to Hunters' tools based on player feedback.

I will post the monster balance changes below, since they're the most important ones. You can check the official blog for the full list.

All Monsters

  • Minor maintenance and improvements
  • All monsters can see recent damage on their health bar to help make burst damage visible


  • Fixing some flight edge cases that were causing inconsistencies making him too powerful or too weak depending on the situation


  • Cooldown increased by one second
  • Reduced knockback magnitude

-Tranq Darts, Stasis Grenades and Harpoons

  • Pull Kraken down at a consistent rate regardless of whether he is in combat or out of combat. (they used to stack outside of combat)
  • Kraken’s flight speed is no longer slowed by Tranqs since they pull him to the ground where running speed is affected


  • Fixed a bug that was causing Aftershock to not break harpoon traps or Arc Mines


  • Making her movement speed less bursty which makes her easier to keep track of. Making Supernova less lethal while still allowing it to be just as powerful. Making Warp Blast a damage dealer instead of a traversal mechanic


  • Speed reduced 25%


  • Duration decreased by 50%


  • Wraith becomes visible for half a second when shot while cloaked
  • Increased cooldown time by 2 seconds

-Warp Blast

  • Speed reduced by 40%
  • Range no longer levels up
  • Radius levels up now
  • Max travel distance set to 30 meters for all levels
  • Damage increased by 10%

Patch 1.3 comes out today on PC, and next week on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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