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Classes and combat details for EQ Next escape SOE Live 2014

Three new classes were announce at SOE Live for EverQuest Next along with information on combat changes.

Changes as in "not like the current EQ games," because you can't change combat for something that's out yet. Or something to that effect.

Anyway, combat in EQ Next will be similar to Landmark's will rely more on skill and body positioning, according to Massively.

Player will need to face their target, and with Heroic Movement, players can chain movements due to their combat abilities. This means they will have to time attacks to both the movement speed and direction of said target.

The world will also be destructible, so combat will affect the environment.

Classes in the game can also be swapped out, which means you won't be married to one particular choice for the remainder of your character's life. Players will instead be able to change classes, and use the skills and weaponry each.

At release, there will be over 40 classes to choose from, and three shown off at SOE Live 2014 were the Cleric, Elementalist and the Tempest.

You can read more about each and more on combat through the link.

EverQuest Next is coming to PC and PlayStation 4, and is without a release date.

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