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Euro PS3 bundles not going to America

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SCEA and SCEE are obviously comfortable in their decisions. According to this, SCEA isn't going to be bringing the two European bundles we saw today to Europe.

"On Tuesday we announced our plans for the Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots PS3 bundle for North America," said an SCEA spokesperson. "We currently do not have any plans for additional PS3 bundles."

SCEE's already said that the MGS4 bundle is unlikely to be heading from the US to Europe.

It's worth noting that the GT5 Prologue and Movie Pack bundles weren't officially announced this morning, although it all looked solid enough. As we said earlier, SCEE's said its going to announce a final date for the Polyphony racer next week, so it's reasonable to expect the bundles to be confirmed then as well.

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