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Europa Universalis IV's new expansion conquers paradise with a randomised America

Paradox has announced its first major expansion for Europa Universalis 4, called Conquest of Paradise, which overhauls the game's exploration systems. The expansion deals primarily with the European discovery and settlement of the Americas, the excitement of which it will maintain by randomising America's size, shape and placement in the world.

The expansion's project lead, Thomas Johansson explained how the team arrived at a randomised America for the new DLC.

"Personally, a lot of the fun in playing Europa Universalis is the first X in the term ‘4x’, eXploration and sending explorers out to discover new continents. However most Europa Universalis IV players, unlike most 15th century explorers, have a rough idea about where America is - so some of the excitement in exploration is lost."

Although it won't be compulsory, this randomised new world sounds like a marked shift from the studio's usual philosophy of creating relatively historically accurate systems.

In addition to being able to randomise parts of the world that aren't Europe, the new expansion will expand on the game's colonial systems, granting colonies more independence from the player and potentially revolting into their states.

You will also be able to play as one of these colonies or even a Native American nation, which will have to deal with issues of migration and federation with any European powers they might encounter.

Paradox are looking to release the expansion sometime before Christmas on Windows, Mac and Linux.

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