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ESA wants stronger tax incentives for developers in Texas


ESA bossman Michael Gallagher is asking the Texas government for stronger tax incentives for software companies doing business in the state.

Gallagher explains that the development community in Texas is just as important as the SXSW conference created for the state's music and entertainment industry.

The Texas Senate and House of Representative are currently considering bills to expand such economic incentives, and Gallagher wants the game industry to be included in the decision-making process.

"Texas currently risks falling behind several states in economic incentive programs for the entertainment industry, he said.

"This year alone, thirteen states are actively considering legislation that will either create or significantly expand their existing incentive program for digital interactive media development and production.

"These incentives not only help meet the needs of the video game industry for talented programmers and animators, but also help keep the state's brightest young minds from moving away."

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