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Epic, Ubi, EA, Take-Two and more sign up for OnLive, mental claims claimed


OnLive, the cloud-based gaming service announced at GDC today, has confirmed that Atari, Eidos, Codemasters, EA, Epic, Take-Two, THQ, Ubisoft and Warner Bros. are all on board with the scheme.

The news came in a GTTV video - after the break - that also includes some spectacular claims about the service, including promises that top titles will be added to OnLive in the same timeframe that they hit retail.

"OnLive is games on demand," said OnLive boss, Steve Perlman. "What we do is make available the top, high-end titles at the same window they're released at retail - so the same time they're on the store shelves you have access to them - and you can play all these high-end titles on any entry level PC or Mac just through a plug-in that's just one megabyte in size in your browser, or using this OnLive micro-console.

"You can hook it up to your TV and have the exact same games available on your TV.

"Games on the TV and PC and Mac will be at abvout 1280x720, 60 frames a second, sometimes called 720p60. The resolution is really limited by the speed of your broadband connection."

OnLive will release later this year, and will allow play of PC and console games on TVs and monitors without the need for any high-end hardware. In theory.

Get more details here. Thanks, G1GAHURTZ.

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