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Elder Scrolls Online devs explain how to become Emperor and what it means

The Elder Scrolls Online will give players the chance to earn the title of Emperor in Cyrodiil. Zenimax Online Studios has explained how you do it in a new interview.

It follows our report on The Elder Scrolls Online release dates across PC, current and next-gen formats.

Now, speaking with OXM, the developers explained that reaching Emperor status depends on earning Alliance Points.

You'll earn these tokens by winning fights in PvP, healing allies in battle, gathering experience and more. You'll also earn Alliance Points by capturing keeps dotted around Cyrodiil, which also bestow bonuses and new territory on all members of the group.

Once an alliance has gained control of all the keeps surrounding the Imperial City, the member with the most Alliance Points will be crowed as Emperor. The title will give all of his or her followers a new tree of stat bonuses to enjoy for the rest of their Elder Scrolls Online career. Losing the title will see those buffs decreased, but you'll still have them in some form.

Game director Paul Sage told the site, "Players who become Emperor will get a full skill line that they keep throughout the rest of their lives in The Elder Scrolls Online. It won't be easy to become Emperor, but we think people will be glad they worked for it."

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