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EG Expo: Tecmo gores up London with Ninja Gaiden 3

Tecmo Koei's held a developer session on Ninja Gaiden 3 at Eurogamer Expo, and Johnny Cullen liveblogged it. Get the details below the break.

Overseas producer on the game, Peter Garza, hosted a live demo of the game running on PS3. One of the levels took place London, and the scene had double decker buses driving along through it. The video was full of cinematic gore, apparently, according to Johnny, who also described a soldier pleading for his life as Ryu walked towards him. You can imagine yourself what happened to the poor fella.

After dispatching the solider, Ryu started off toward Downing Street, with the London Eye off in the distance. Once again, hacking and slashing commenced, and thanks to Ryu's curse, he turned into a dragon - which sounds really cool.

Once the demo was finished, Garza opened up the floor to questions, with the best ones getting Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive figurines or boobtastic mouse pads to take home. Sort of like the one shown in the link there, we reckon.

The gore in Ninja Gaiden 2 was discussed, with Garza stating that he is aware it is a very violent series, and the team doesn't want to "deny its history." Currently, there are around 80 people on the team working on the game, which has a new, internal engine instead one that is outsourced. Garza also mentioned that the NG3 and Dead or Alive 5 teams work side-by-side, and the creators talk to each other and there's a back and forth on the floor.

Various difficulty levels were chatted about, with Garza showing the menu options: Hero Mode, Normal, and Hard.

Garza concluded the session by stating the game is 70-80 percent complete, and it will be out next year for PS3 and 360. The Wii U version wasn't mentioned.

Johnny will be interviewing Garza at 5.00pm. If there is anything particular you want him to ask, drop them in the comments below or tweet @JohnnyCullen your NG3 queries there.

You can read the entire liveblog below.

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