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EA's Online Pass damaged its games and impeded the consumer, says Wilson

EA Sports EVP Andrew Wilson said the Online Pass system it had in place damaged its games, and impacted fans in a negative manner.

Speaking to MCV during E3 last week, Wilson said the firm doesn't have any further plans in the works to block used EA games stating it's not the firm's "aim" as it has been "done away with."

"When we launched it, we did so because we are investing an exorbitant amount of money in online services and the provision of online services, and to be frank we still do," he said.

"And we thought it made sense to get some compensation for the use of those services. However, what became apparent to us after running it for a while, was that the impact that was having to users having to enter codes before they could get into the game, was too great.

"We have a gamer-first mentality – we don’t always get credit for it but we do. We looked at it, and said: ‘we don’t want to put that barrier there for gamers to have to go through that process. We are going to take it away. We are going to get rid of it. We will go back to making great games and it will all work out.’"

Wilson said in order for the company to continue delivering "the best possible seamless experience," it had to "get rid of those pieces in the middle" impeding the consumer.

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