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Earthbound mysteriously "sold out" on Club Nintendo

Club Nintendo members are currently unable to pick up a copy of Earthbound because Nintendo has, um, sold out? Somehow?


Earthbound is one of a number of games players can purchase with Club Nintendo tokens.

Except suddenly, they can't. Kotaku reports that attempting to do so results in a message saying the game has sold out, which is somewhat baffling, since this is a digital copy of the game we're talking about.

Other games are freely available, apparently, so it's not clear why Earthbound isn't. Kotaku speculates Nintendo may need to load up the system with more codes.

It certainly seems like a technical issue rather than a deliberate decision. Unless Nintendo arbitrarily decided to limit available copies because it is a whimsical, disconnected beast, the only reason I can think of for doing this would be to prevent some sort of exploit or hack that's been scamming free copies, or something.

Earthbound, may I remind you, is an utter delight of the SNES era. If it becomes available, do try to grab it before Club Nintendo closes.

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