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Early ZombiU reviews disappoint producer

Guillaume Brunier, ZombiU producer for Ubisoft, has brushed of the initial harsh feedback the game received in initial reviews, saying those are the minority.

Talking with Nintendo Life, Guillaume Brunier admits the team's frustrations with early reviews, saying, "We were really disappointed with the early US reviews. We are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the experience we created but we did not expect so harsh a feedback. However as more and more journalists and gamers played the game, these opinions proved to be a minority. So right now we’re rather pleased with the overall reception of the game."

When questioned if the negative reviews may have been due to player frustrations that the survival horror elements took precedence over any first person shooter aspect of the game, Braunier responded that the team never hid what the game was, always making it clear what ZombiU offers.

The games features permanent death and calls for intense zombie-slaying action over carefully planned survival, which obviously didn't please some but enticed others. The game recently faced accessing issues in Europe, when 18 rated content was blocked for sale on the Nintendo eShop due to the company being bound to German laws in that region.

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