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EA making "incubation efforts" in virtual reality space

EA isn't ready to make a massive commitment to virtual reality, but when the time comes it intends to be a market leader.


During a post-earnings release conference call today, one caller asked if EA had any plans for VR.

CEO Andrew Wilson said EA intends to "lead from the front" when VR comes into its own, and "has a few incubation efforts" at present.

That said, the publisher won't have anything specific to discuss until it is ready to make “clear and focused investments in this space”.

The market is still too shattered at present, Wilson continued, citing experiences ranging from wearing goggles (Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus) to holographic technology (HoloLens) to whole room affairs (Valve's Lighthouse technology).

Valve, Sony, Facebook and arguably Microsoft have all thrown their weight behind making VR happen, and dozens if not hundreds of indie developers are working on games and experiences for the various hardware platforms coming in the next few years. As yet, major publishers have been reluctant to commit.

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