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EA Sports: SSX will bring extreme sports "back to the forefront of gaming" - new video inside

SSX creative director Todd Batty has said the release of SSX will see the return of the extreme sports genre, speaking in a blog post on the US PS Blog.

Batty said that the genre being dead was "something that I refuse to believe".

"Arcade games are challenging to design. On one hand, many players expect instant gratification from an arcade title and have little tolerance for an overly steep learning curve," he said.

"This is actually true of most games today, but is even more important in this type of game. On the other hand, with a shallow learning curve and instant gratification comes the perception (which is often true) that the game lacks depth and is therefore only going to be enjoyable for a short time."

He continued the development team had adapted a creed during the development of the game: "make awesome easy, and make oh-my-god really hard".

"Rather than following a more traditional zero-to-hero learning curve, SSX lets you feel like a hero from the first time you pick up the controller. And from there, with a little practice, or in some cases a LOT of practice, you can start to perform like a superhero."

There's a new video of it in action below, featuring the three main aspects of the game: Race, Trick, Survive. There's also new screens and information of the PS3-exclusive mountain Mt, Fuji at the link.

The reboot launches on February 28 in the US and March 2 in Europe for PS3 and 360.

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