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Warp appears on Steam, but still no EA-Valve agreement

As handily pointed out by VG247 reader DSB, Warp -- a recently released EA-published puzzler -- is currently available on Steam with a sizable list of Origin-related restrictions. That, of course, is a bit "Bwaaaah?"-worthy, seeing as EA and Valve spent the better part of last year at each other's throats over Valve's "restrictive" terms of service. So then, have the two finally kissed, made up, and sworn to forever be BFFs on Gabe Newell's beard? No such luck, EA has told VG247.

"Making Warp available on Steam was a choice made by the developer, Trapdoor. Our partners in EA Partners own their own IP and have the authority to determine where the game will be distributed. This does not reflect a change in EA’s position on Steam’s terms of service," an EA rep explained.

So that's a Disappointing Thing. But perhaps all hope isn't lost. I've followed up with EA asking if EA and Valve are still seeking any sort of "agreement" to allow removed titles like Dragon Age II and Crysis 2 back onto Steam. I'll report back as soon as I hear anything.

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