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EA is working with a surprising dev partner on an upcoming AAA EA Originals game

The rumoured EA-Koei Tecmo collaboration has been officially announced.

The next major release from EA Originals, the EA label typically responsible for smaller projects from indie teams, is one you may not have seen coming if you don't tend to keep up with industry rumours.

EA is partnering with Omega Force, the Koei Tecmo studio responsible for the Warriors series - Samurai Warriors, Dynasty Warriors and others. The developer is working on a new AAA IP that's set in a fantasy version of feudal Japan.

EA called the project, "the next great hunting game," suggesting it's a Monster Hunter-style action RPG, though the publisher didn't reveal any details. The good news is that more information will be shared later this month, potentially at TGS, given the studios and publishers involved.

The only thing we got today alongside the announcement is a solemn piece of concept art, though hopefully we'll be learning much more soon as promised.

"The EA team fully embraces our creative independence and have become invaluable partners offering both development and publishing support. Adding the global resources of EA with our own will help us introduce a new kind of hunting game to a global audience of players and expand our reach into global markets," said Koei Tecmo EVP, Yosuke Hayashi.

"I’m really looking forward to the day that gamers from around the world can play this new game."

Omega Force actually has experience with making hunting games. The studio is responsible for the Toukiden series of games, which resemble Monster Hunter in many aspects.

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