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EA: FIFA 12 outselling PES 2012 25-1


EA's claimed that FIFA 12 is currently outselling PES 2012 in the UK by a massive 25-1 ratio.

"FIFA went out just a couple of weekends ago. We had record pre-orders and record sell-through," EA Europe VP Keith Ramsdale said at the publisher's European winter showcase yesterday, as reported by Gamerzines.

"And when you look at Pro Evolution Soccer versus FIFA, only five years ago in the UK PES was outselling FIFA. On its first weekend like-for-like we've just outsold PES by 25 times.

"That's a sign of the momentum and the fanbase and community behind FIFA, and let's be clear, an absolutely kick-arse game. It's unbelievable."

FIFA 12 launched at the end of September with first week sales of 3.2 million units. Its debuted at the top of the UK charts was also the third biggest launch in UK history.

PES 2012, on the other hand, just about made it inside the top five this past week, the first time a PES title hasn't debuted at number one.

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