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Blast Ball announced at E3 2015 Nintendo World Championships

One of the games featured at the E3 2015 Nintendo World Championships was a brand new, never before seen title.


Blast Ball is coming to 3DS and is a futuristic sports sim. Nintendo revealed it by including it as one round of the Nintendo World Championships. It was played live on stage in teams of 3v3.

It's somewhat soccer-like. Players use blasters to send the ball towards the opponent's goal. The ball can be used to knock other players out, and has multiple power-ups.

According to Siliconera, the goal shrinks when a goal is scored, making the game harder.

No release date as yet.

In case you missed the news earlier in the month, the Nintendo World Championships are back for the first time in years and streaming live from E3 2015. Watch now:

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