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Dust 514 getting "near-monthly" updates due to evolving "submission process"

Dust 514 updates over the next six months with come "near monthly" starting with Uprising 1.2.

This is according to a CCP blog post on the matter, citing Sony's help in speeding up the submissions process.

The firm will be pushing out point releases along with fixing and perfecting core game systems. Over the next few releases, the core gameplay systems such as aiming and aim assist, controls, vehicle handling, movement on the battlefield will be polished. The plan is to also improve on context and immersion with the addition of a welcome screen, and more.

Planetary Conquest will also be "getting a lot of love," according to the post.

Uprising 1.2, which contains the addition of a brand new dropsuit role, the Commando, is expected on July 2.

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