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Media Molecule is hiring dev teams to create games in Dreams

Dreams developer Media Molecule is looking for content creators to join the team.

In a bit of an unusual blog post, the British developer revealed that it's recruiting development teams to work and create content using the Dreams sandbox.

"Some of the exciting opportunities we have require the skills of a small professional development team," explained Media Molecule.

The studio's ideal candidate would have to be experienced in creating within Dreams, and the opportunity is available to smaller teams looking for a big project, as well as individuals seeking collaboration on something small.

"This isn’t just normal outsourcing, it is much more about finding teams that want to collaborate with us on content for Dreams," the announcement reads. "We are a little light on requirements as this is an exploratory call out, but needless to say experience with creating in Dreams is required!"

The announcement also confirms that those hired will be on a contract basis, not full-time. Hit the link above for more.

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