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Dragon's Dogma sells over 1 million copies, Capcom profits up

Dragon's Dogma is a hit for Capcom, the publisher said today, while also confirming high increases in profits for the first financial quarter of the year.

Although it's a Japanese take on a genre dominated by Western developers, Dragon's Dogma has surpassed the sweet 1 million sales mark, giving developer Capcom a financial boost.

Capcom's profit for the second quarter leaped a massive 300%, raking in ¥1.3 billion, which is £11 million or $17 million depending on where you are.

Capcom also saw an increase in digital download profit, as its Digital Contents group posted sales of ¥13.7 billion (£111 million, $175 million), which is sure to get DLC naysayers hot and bothered.

Social games - such as the controversial Smurf's Village - didn't sell that well, but Capcom was quick to add that the Smurf's Village enjoyed an additional 2 million users during the second quarter.


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