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Dragon Quest Heroes 2 coming to Steam, Day One Explorer’s Edition announced for PS4, PC

Good news Dragon Quest fans: Square Enix announced today Dragon Quest Heroes 2 would release on PC alongside the PS4 version.

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A Day One Explorer’s Edition ($59.99) for Dragon Quest Heroes 2 was also announced, and it is up for pre-order on the Square Enix Store and the PS Store.

It comes with 15 exclusive DLC items such as weapons designed from the enemies in the game. This includes the Slime Knight’s Shield, Great Sabreclaws, Golem Gauntlets and per the list below. You can see the items in the image below, and in the gallery.

  • Archdemon Arcs
  • Drackerang
  • Gem Slime Sword
  • Golem Gauntlets
  • Goodybag Abacus
  • Great Sabreclaws
  • Imp's Fork
  • Night Club
  • Plat o' One Tails
  • Robo-Bow
  • Robo-Razor
  • Royal Flush
  • Shadowblade
  • Slime Knight's Shield
  • Slime Stack Stick


A reversible cover artwork of the Adventure Log is also included in this edition.

Those who pre-order the game for PS4 through the PlayStation Store will also receive an exclusive PS4 theme, a Dragon Quest 1 hero costume and a special “Healix the Hero” recipe for Dragon Quest Builders.

The latter is in-game content will allow Dragon Quest Builders players to build a statue of Healix from Dragon Quest Heroes 2.

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 will be released on PlayStation 4 in North America on April 25 and in Europe on April 28.

It will release on Steam April 25, but it isn't listed on the store just yet.

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