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Dragon Ball Daima's latest trailer looks like a great return to form for a classic series

The upcoming anime is set to air later this year.

The newest trailer for Dragon Ball Daima, the latest series in the long-running series, certainly looks like we're in for a good time.

After lots of rumours about a new Dragon Ball anime, Toei finally announced Daima back in October, a brand new series that shrinks down Goku, and just about every other character in the series, down to a child-like size. We've seen such shenanigans in Dragon Ball GT before, though this time series creator Akira Toriyama is "deeply involved" in the development of Daima, "beyond his usual capacity." The first teaser trailer didn't show us all that much, but a new trailer dropped yesterday focusing on Goku himself, and it's looking strong so far!

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Like the first trailer, it's all different scenes of animation set to some background music, with zero sound effects or voice acting. Luckily, the animation seems to be pretty fun so far, as Goku has his power pole back, something he hasn't used since the original series. In recent years we have had excellent films like Dragon Ball Super: Broly, but the main Dragon Ball Super series was a bit rough in the animation department, particularly the earlier seasons.

Alongside the teaser trailer, the lead staff attached to the series were also revealed. Yoshitaka Yashima, the animation director on Dragon Ball Super and the Digimon series, will serve as the series director on Dragon Ball Daima alongside Aya Komaki, the One Piece series director. Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru (Dragon Ball Z, Digimon) is attached as the character designer, and Yuuko Kakihara (Digimon Adventure tri, Urusei Yatsura 2022) will be supervising the series, as well as writing the scripts.

To celebrate Dragon Ball's 40th anniversary, the series will follow Goku and co as they figure out why they've been shrunk, setting off on a new adventure. There's no specific release date for the series just yet, but you can expect it to air sometime this autumn.

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