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Dragon Age voice actor has seen "all that stuff - and some of it's quite sexy"

Dragon Age voice actor Steve Valentine has seen your drawings of Alistair making the beast with two backs, lending a new terror to the Internet.

Dragon Age voice actors have been appearing in a series of videos trickling out of the BioWare Blog.

In the latest, Valentine, who voices Alistair in the Dragon Age games, discusses the character and admits he's seen a bunch of sexy fan art. He doesn't seem to mind.

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Dragon Age fans, can we talk about Alistair? The series has no official canon (although apparently save games with a dead Leliana are void?) but int he books and comics Alistair is indeed king of Ferelden. Alternatives exist; try setting up a Keep save where he stays with the Wardens, and then run that Inquisition mission where you have to choose between Hawke and the Warden leader - in this case, Alistair.

Phew! I don't want to make that call. Who doesn't love a cheeky ginger?

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