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Dragon Age Inquisition guide and walkthrough: Haven side quests 

The Haven side quests are all super easy and can be completed with puny level 1 characters, as they’re aimed at the fresh-faced player, only just embarking on their adventure.


Dragon Age Inquisition guide and walkthrough: Haven side quests

Haven’s Best and Brightest

Description: Even in these trying times, good help is not so hard to find. Explore Haven and meet some of the Inquisition’s crafting masters.
Reward: 50 XP
Requirements: Meet with the war council
Starting NPC: N/A

Speak with the smith
Speak with the researcher
Speak with the quartermaster
Speak with apothecary

Leave Haven via the main gate to enter the village outside.The blacksmith if off to the side here, so talk to him to tick off the first objective. The next 2 side quests (The Right Armour and Piece by Piece) will become available after your conversation, so jump down to the relevant section to complete these while you’re here.

The apothecary is the next stop, so head to the western area of Haven and enter the building to the left of Solas to find him. Talking to the apothecary will make 2 more side quests (Passing Notes and Mixing Potions) available.

Make your way to the main chantry building and enter the office to the left of the war room to find the researcher. Talk to her to tick off the next objective.

Head back outside and to the tent that’s pitched not too far away to find the quartermaster. Talking to her will complete the side quest.

The Right Armour

Description: With the right materials, Haven’s blacksmith can craft some pretty decent armor
Reward: Armour
Requirements: Complete Best and Brightest Haven side quest
Starting NPC: Harritt

Have some armour made
The blacksmith is next to the main gate to Haven. When you’re visiting him for the first side quest, sweep the area nearby for loot to find the raw materials you’ll need to craft armour, including the stash next to the crafting table. Interact with the Craft Armour table to make some armour and complete the side quest.

Piece by Piece

Description: The blacksmith can also improve existing armour.
Reward: Armour
Requirements: Complete Best and Brightest Haven side quest
Starting NPC: Harritt

Modify some armour

The blacksmith is outside the main gate to Haven, so make your way here and locate Harritt. Sweep the area for the loot required to upgrade the armour you made for The Right Armour side quest, then interact with the Craft Weapons table and add the item you looted to the armour to modify it and complete the quest.

Passing Notes

Description: Some technical notes were found while exploring Haven. They look like someone named Taigen put a lot of work into them.
Reward: 100 XP; Regeneration Potion recipe
Requirements: Visit the Hinterlands area
Starting NPC: Adan

Find Taigen’s notes
Return the notes to Adan

You can find Adan in western Haven, in a building over to the very left of Solas. Offer him your help to kick off the side quest and make your way to the purple area that has appeared on your map. Scan this area to find Taigen’s notes and return to Adan to complete the side quest. Hang around here to start the next side quest Mixing Potions.

Mixing Potions

Description: A recovered recipe can be used to mix a potion at a loadout station. There, the potion can also be equipped or replenished. Potion loadout stations are found in the Inquisition’s base of operations or at any claimed camp.
Reward: 50 XP
Requirements: Complete Passing Notes Haven side quest and have one Elfroot in hand
Starting NPC: Adan

Visit a potion loadout station

Be sure you have an elfroot as per the requirements or you won’t be able to complete the quest. Head to Solas in western Haven, then enter the building to the far left to find Adan. Interact with the Equip Potions table in this area, highlight the vacant slot at the top of the dial and select a Regeneration Potion to fill it to complete the side quest.

Know Thy Enemy

Description: Some items recovered in battle may later be worth studying.
Reward: 50 XP
Requirements: Visit the Hinterlands area, obtain one research item
Starting NPC: N/A

Give Minaeve an item to research

To obtain a research item to satisfy the prerequisite, head to the Hinterlands and start the killing spree. Eventually an enemy will drop what you need, so check the valuables portion of your inventory after you loot them to see if you’ve picked one up. Once you have a research item, go to the main chantry building in Haven, and enter the office to the left. Interact with the table next to Minaeve to complete the side quest.

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