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Double Helix: unannounced game is next-gen shooter, new details emerge - report

Killer Instinct studio Double Helix Games is said to be working on a sci-fi shooter for next-gen formats. It follows a recent concept art leak, along with fresh rumblings from the development community.

If you missed the Double Helix concept art leak from a few weeks ago, just hit the link. Each image was created by The Last of Us artist James Paick, and the studio has remained silent on the matter ever since.

Now NeoGAF member Steverulez has stumbled across the LinkedIn profile of one Allen Will, senior VFX artist at Double Helix.

Allen states he is currently working on the team's Strider Reboot, along with 'Unannounced Action Shooter' for next-gen formats and PC.

His role responsibilities for the project are as follows:

  • Responsible for guiding visual direction with Creative Director and Art Director for the games investigation system. Providing visual documention/concepts for our Tnt group to develop new shaders, extensive R&D, to prototyping functional in test boxes, to completion of the system in game.
  • Development of high quality textures/particles for various effects such as smoke, energy, plasma, disintegration, electricity and explosions using third party software such as Maya fluids and photoshop and proprietary tools.
  • Worked with our TnT group alongside Gameplay Programmers to create new systems/features with Fullscreen Effects and Shader systems.

Based on Will's CV, it looks liek the game has been in development since September 2011.

What do you make of this then?

Via OXM.

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