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Double Fine - large publishers need a closer relationship with the consumer

Double Fine believes that if larger publishers don't embrace digital distribution and create a closer relationship with consumers, they will miss the revolution boat so to speak.

Speaking with GameFront during E3, Gilbert said the smaller publishers are surpassing larger publishing houses due to player intimacy.

“I think they (publishers) are going have to (change the way they interact with players) because the world is changing and small developers are getting these personal relationships with their fans and people that play the games, and I think the really big publishers need to embrace that or they’re really gonna miss this whole kind of revolution that’s happening right now,” Gilbert said.

Tim Schafer added the bigger firms tend to resist change out of fear because executives don't want to "be in a race to zero."

“I think they’re going to see a lot of migration from developers and fans to more open environments like that, for sure," he said.

Watch the entire video interview here.

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