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Diabolical Pitch trailer shows how this curveball really spins

Suda51 has confirmed that while he came up with the idea for Diabolical Pitch, he's handed development over to a separate team within Grasshopper Media. Therefore, it was that team who has come up with this intriguing little teaser trailer for the demon-smashing baseball interpretation called Diabolical Pitch.

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While western countries tend to think of baseball as a truly American activity, Japan actually has a deep love for the game as well, making this mash-up not quite as bizarre as it first seems. As Gamesradar reports, it's a "veritable checklist" of things beloved by both the Japanese and the Americans.

This is Grasshopper's first Kinect-enabled release, due out by the end of 2011. It's also part of a new wave of titles which takes motion-controlled games into a newer, scarier space - something games fans around the world are pretty happy with.

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