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Developers provide opinion on the most influential games for PlayStation


The latest issue of Play has asked game developers from around the world to list, in their opinion, the most influential games released on a PlayStation system.

Titles for PSone, PS2 and PS3 were named, withindustry vets such as Miles Jacobsen, Marc Fletcher, Barry Caudill, David Cage, Tim Willits, and Ed Boon participating in the discussion.

Obvious titles such as ICO, God OF war and Metal Gear Solid were tossed about, along with games in the Final Fantasy series, and Guitar Hero.

Here's a excerpt from the article, featuring Sucker Punch producer and co-founder, Brian Fleming:

I think it’s got to be Metal Gear Solid… For me even just the opening of that game — with the cinematic credits playing over top of the gameplay — that was the first “next” generation game experience for me.  Even the most amazing games of late like Uncharted 2.. you can trace the roots of a lot of what they’re doing all the way back to MGS as the source. GTA III is a close second.

You can read the full thing through the link up top.

If the premise of the list sounds a bit familiar, it's because we posted a similar list complied by Eurogamer back in November. It was, however, not console specific.

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