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Destiny: the best locations for Gunsmith Field Tests

Bag a high Light-level weapon every second week by speeding through the field tests on Armsday.


Destiny: the best locations for Gunsmith Field Tests

With Destiny update 2.2.0, faction packages have become much more lucrative, including those from Banshee-44 – aka the Gunsmith – in the Tower. In addition to his Foundry Orders, that take a week to arrive, Guardians chasing Light 335 have more reason to head out with prototype weapons to boost reputation. One sure-fire way of boosting that base line is by cashing in these ‘bounties’, so that you might immediately secure a new weapon that’s up to five Light levels above your Guardian.

Armsday, which is when the Gunsmith inventory resets, starts every Wednesday at 2:00 AM PDT (9:00 AM GMT). Below are by far the fastest ways we’ve learned to complete all the field tests.


Use Against Cabal Targets (e.g. Häkke Test-A Auto Rifle)

Obviously Mars would be the place to go for this, however there are two places on the Dreadnaught that serve Cabal soldiers on a plate: Hull Breach and inside the Dantalion Exodus VI. The latter also has a generous supply of high ranking (yellow bar) enemies should the field tests also include these as an objective for another weapon. Otherwise the slopes of the Hull Breach are the most efficient.

Use Against Hive Targets (e.g. Suros TSP-10 Pulse Rifle)

Again, it’s the Dreadnaught that provides the most immediate set of targets upon arrival at the Hull Breach. They’re often involved in shoot outs with the neighbouring Cabal, the distraction making them easier targets. If you’d like to make more of the visit, the Court of Oryx has many Hive-related bosses to fight plus minions, just don’t let the team down with your low-powered shenanigans!


Use Against Fallen Targets (e.g. Häkke Test-A Auto Rifle)

Go to the Cosmodrome and The Divide where waves of Fallen enemies are in plentiful supply. You do end up chasing them around, however, so a good alternative is The Ember Caves on Venus where they are more tightly packed. Handy if your other objectives are Venus-based too.

Use Against Vex Targets (e.g. Omolon Test HC1)

Venus and The Citadel is certainly the hottest location for this, where Vex Harpy and Goblins are one-shot kills if you land precision shots.


Use Against Vex Minotaur (e.g. Omolon Test FR1 Fusion Rifle)

The Citadel on Venus is always busy with Guardians chasing Gunsmith rep, which is a downside of heading here to clean up on Vex Minotaur and rocketing high-ranking enemies. The speediest way to The Citadel is to head left upon arrival, via the Ember Caves area (veer right when passing through). Two yellow bar Axis Minotaur patrol the platform at the back of the map, and below to their right two regular Minotaur and one Axis Minotaur regularly emerge from an alcove.

Use Against Cabal Centurions (e.g. Häkke Test-A Sniper Rifle)

Head to the Breach in the Dreadnaught, where several Cabal Centurions spawn at the bottom of the slope and near the entrance of the Cabal ship. You don’t even need to leave the spot that you arrive, just hop onto a vantage point overlooking the whole area and this field test is carried out fast.


Use Against High Ranking Enemies (e.g. Suros TSR-10 Rocket Launcher)

This one crops up quite regularly, and usually we head straight over to The Citadel on Venus to clean up asap. As mentioned earlier, however, this area can be hotly contested, so comparatively little known alternatives include inside the Dantelion Exodus VI on the Dreadnaught, to double-up on other field test objectives, or The Steppes on the Cosmodrome where Hive Majors spawn below the hut to the left of where your Guardian arrives, next to the rocks with the Fallen Dregs and Shanks.

Use Against Fallen Captains (e.g. Omolon Test RR1 Sniper Rifle)

On the edge of the Moth Yard, just before heading into Sky Watch, there are two Fallen Captains that spawn within seconds of each other once defeated. The most obvious one is standing outside the door to Sky Watch, flanked by two Vandals. Kill him and his cohorts then head down the side of the cliff to a cave, almost directly below at the foot of the slope, where the other Fallen Captain is found together with three Dregs. Kill them all to make sure they re-spawn much faster.


Score Double Kills/Make Precision Shots (e.g. Häkke Test-A Sniper Rifle/Pulse Rifle)

Anywhere will do, but the least time consuming is during the Siege of the Warmind mission and the corridor checkpoint. Hive Thrall rush your position at the entrance, just take out the Boomer Knights first to keep your aim steady. This same location is ideal for performing precision kills too because it is all on the level. The waves of weak Thrall arrive in single file to mow down without a hitch.

Get Kills in the Crucible (e.g. Omolon Test FR1, Omolon Test RR1, Häkke Test-A Shotgun)

The best playlist is Control, where Guardians are crowded in one area, and we like Twilight Gap for just about all the field test objectives. Its corridors are tight enough for shotgun kills, and there’s great line of sight from Point B to where the heavy ammo drops near Point C. It’s kind of boring, but everyone gets at least a few good kills from one side or the other. A fusion rifle can clear an objective point very quickly too if you get the drop on some noobs.


General Advice

Chances are you’ll run into other Guardians at the key locations. If this happens, return to orbit and launch back down to have the area to yourself… fingers crossed. Double up on field test objectives to get the most out of each location. The high-ranking enemy using rocket-launcher is one that you can always save time on. Each field test is worth 250 EXP, meaning you’ll only level up with the Gunsmith every second week, but for the effort it takes the rewards are worth it; we landed a superb Light 327 Eirene RR3 sniper rifle in week one of the April Update.

Happy hunting!

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