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Destiny guide: Mars Dead Ghost locations

Destiny guide: Mars Dead Ghost locations


Destiny offers collectors the chance to score extra Grimoire Points by tracking down Dead Ghosts. Our guide makes it easy.


Destiny’s Dead Ghosts are found scattered around the environment in out of the way places. They’re easily spotted in the dark by their distinctive pale blue glow.

Should you stumble across a Dead Ghost, you can revive it by holding Square (PlayStation) or X (Xbox) when prompted. Doing so will reward you with a Grimoire Card and the accompanying Grimoire Points. Visit Bungie.net or the Destiny Companion app to peruse your unlocked lore and show off your amazing collection of points.

Note that you can only collect Ghosts once per account, so if you’ve picked one up with one character, you won’t find it with another.

There are a number of Ghosts to be found on Mars, but they're far more cunningly hidden than in previous destinations. You may need a fully upgraded mobility ability (four perks) to reach many of these.

The numbering here matches our Destiny Walkthrough. If you follow it, you'll find 17 of the 18 Ghosts listed below as you play.

  • Dead Ghost #1
    Find this Ghost in the Barrens. Skirt the area until you find a group of vex and Cabal battling in front of a circular bunker (not the one where you find Gold Chest #1). The Ghost is sitting on an ammo crate inside.
  • Dead Ghost #2
    Behind the huge gate between the Scablands and Firebase Rubicon. Enter from the Scablands and turn left, then jump onto the platform on the wall itself.
  • Dead Ghost #3
    In Giant's Pass, look for a lone tree on a rocky outcrop - not on the walls of the area, but in a bend of the track leading to Valley of the Kings. Climb up here and search the roots of the tree closest to the nearby rock. It's tucked well in there.
  • Dead Ghost #4
    Enter Valley of the Kings from Giant's Pass. Follow the Sparrow track and take the middle fork when it splits into three. Continue onwards a short way, past some giant cables emerging from the sand, until you spot a rock formation at the edge of a cliff. Face outwards, off the cliff, then turn right and walk around the edge of the cliff, on the lowest platforms. The Ghost is just around the curve. You can't see it from above.
  • Dead Ghost #5
    There's a small outpost in the Valley of the Kings (not the great big fortress). Face it, and look up and left; there's a structure connected to the outpost up here. Climb onto the roof of this building, then jump to the flat shelf of rock on the nearby wall. Take a few steps to the edge furthest from the building you leaped from, and look down - you should see another rocky shelf just below you. Jump down and search at your feet for the Ghost.
  • Dead Ghost #6
    Enter Firebase Rubicon from the Rubicon Wastes. Hug the right hand wall closely. Shortly after you pass the big circular door through which reinforcements sometimes arrive but doesn't lead anywhere for the player, you'll see one of those large flat panel lights on a short pole. Search the area behind it for a tunnel disguised by rocky walls, a tall crate, and some undergrowth. The Ghost is at the end of the tunnel, nestled between the roots of a tree, against the rocks.
  • Dead Ghost #7
    In the first room of the Iron Line, climb up on the big blue pipes and from there to the platform above and to one side of the big door in the centre. Face out into the room; you should see a column with a pair of floodlights. There is a small platform here you can jump to, with difficulty. Now look up; there is a platform above you. Getting up here is tremendously difficult because you need to jump far enough to one side to avoid the cables between you and the platform. You will need an upgraded mobility ability; the Titan has the easiest time. Once you reach this platform, you can then jump slightly higher, onto the rocks, to grab the Ghost. Try not to cry.
  • Dead Ghost #8
    You can only access this Ghost during the mission The Garden's Spire. Grab it before you deploy your Ghost after the final battle. It is in the circular bunker under the central pillar. use the entrance with sand spilling in; it's on your left, at your feet, tucked in among some equipment.
  • Dead Ghost #9
    Travel from the Scablands to the Drift. Run or drive a short distance to where the track passes between the first two buildings. Stop, turn around, and look back the the path you just used; you should see a clump of trees, way up on the left hand side. You should also see the obvious path up the sand dune to said trees. Climb it, then jump into the branches of the right hand tree to retrieve the Ghost. If you can't land the jump, try holding the appropriate button as you slip past the Ghost.
  • Dead Ghost #10
    In the Buried City, face the entrance to the Off World Transit building; stand where you can see the big billboard on the front. Look to the left; there's a tall crate and some sort of narrow barrier. You can jump to the lowest corner of the OWT building's roof from these, if you have a good mobility ability. The Ghost is behind the billboard.
  • Dead Ghost #11
    In the big dark room in Freehold Station, look for a pair of pillars on either side of the room, with a monitor hanging on each side. Facing into the room from the path to the Buried City, you want the monitor on the far side of the right hand pillar. You should see the glow easily from the ground. You can jump onto nearby structures, then jump to land on this monitor. This Ghost was once bugged, but has been fixed as of patch 1.0.3 on November 17 2014.
  • Dead Ghost #12
    As you travel through Tharsis Junction from Freehold Station, you will find yourself walking along train tracks. Near the beginning of this section, you pass a Vex gate on your left and go through one of two openings, either under the sign that says Off World Transit M Line, or next to a train. Immediately turn right and climb the sand and rubble in the corner to find the Ghost.
  • Dead Ghost #13
    Enter the Hollows from the Barrens. When you exit the tunnel you should see a dome-shaped Clover Bray structure with a big CB logo. Enter and look slightly right to see a large floodlight. Jump to the top of this - it's narrow, but it can be done. Then look above you for a gap in the railing of the catwalk on the opposite side to the entrance. Jump up here and circle the room to find the Ghost directly behind the CB logo.
  • Dead Ghost #14
    The Dust Palace Ghost is in the room where huge windows form a semi-circle along one wall. Stand on the second floor of this area, facing the windows. Turn left and hug the balcony edge and beyond till you emerge at the top of one flight of sweeping stairs (the stairs on the other side are broken). There’s a create here you can use to jump up to the top ledge. Hop along the top window ledge; the Ghost will be at your feet about half way around.
  • Dead Ghost #15
    Facing the final room of Overwatch from the door with the words "area under surveillance" above it (and "Clovis Bray Exoscience" above that), head to the left hand side of the room.There's a raised platform in the corner with a short set of stairs leading to it. Nearby, on the lower level, is a curved desk. The Ghost is tucked underneath it, next to a PC tower.
  • Dead Ghost #16
    This Ghost is only accessible during The Black Garden, the final Story Mission. As soon as you step through the Vex gate, look around and note two dark statues on either side of the circular door in front of you.To the left of the lefthand one, you should see a concrete platform attached to a pillar emerging from the roof. Go over to the cave wall on this side of the room and climb as high as you can, then look around - you'll see another concrete platform leading to the higher one you saw earlier. Jump to the first platform - it's tricky, and you'll need an upgraded mobility ability - and then to the second, and on to the top of the statue. You should now be able to see the Ghost on top of the other statues, so jump over to collect it.
  • Dead Ghost #17
    This Ghost is only accessible during The Black Garden Story Mission. After defeating the Cyclops (not the Hydras!), don't go through the passage it was guarding; stop to collect a Dead Ghost. Walk to the edge of the cliff, gazing out at the view, then turn right and walk along the edge to the very end. Look down and you'll see a platform just beneath you; drop down and search the alcove here for the Ghost. Note that the platform the Ghost is sitting on is part of the edge, and really only a short hop down. Don't go leaping out into space.
  • Dead Ghost #18
    This Ghost is accessible on Patrol or during the Cerberus Vae II Strike. It's in the Trenchworks. Enter from the Iron Line and fight your way down to the tall command tower. Facing away from the Iron Line, look to your right - see the big light? Head over there and jump up onto the nearby rocks, travelling further into the area while hugging the wall as closely as possible. The Ghost is hidden in a crack at your feet.

Head over to our Destiny guide for more tips and info.

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