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Destiny 2: New Light may be free-to-play, but PlayStation Plus remains a requirement for online play

Despite being free-to-play, Destiny 2: New Light continues to require PlayStation Plus if you want to group up with others online.

Destiny 2 has just been through possibly its biggest change ever: offering a no-bullshit free-to-play version dubbed New Light. New Light launched alongside Shadowkeep on Tuesday, and includes a generous amount of content for free.

This new version has generally been well-received, but PS4 players immediately noticed that the game continues to require an active PlayStation Plus subscription for non-solo activities. Destiny has always required Plus, of course, but the vast majority of free-to-play games on Sony's console do not.

Fortnite, Apex Legends - and chiefly Warframe, perhaps Destiny 2's biggest competitor today in the loot shooter world, can all be enjoyed without a Plus subscription. The game's page on the UK PlayStation Store even makes it clear that a Plus membership is required.

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This also doesn't appear to be some sort of strange mishap, given Destiny 2's history as a paid game. The game is listed as free-to-play on the store, and everything else you can purchase - such as expansions and in-game currency - are listed as add-ons. In some cases, paid PS4 games offer free trials that have to be specifically selected on the store page, whereas Destiny 2 in this case is a unique application.

We've asked Bungie to clarify if this is intentional and will update this story when we hear back.

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