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A closed beta test will be held for Desperados 3 and it starts next week

Desperados 3, the real-time tactics game set in a Wild West scenario, is looking for closed beta testers.

A closed beta test will be held for Desperados 3 starting next week, and you can sign up to try the real-time tactics title ahead of release.

In Desperados 3, you and the rest of your gang are being hunted by both bandits and corrupt lawmen. In order to survive, you will need to "turn the tables with every mission."

Here's a list of game features:

  • Command up to five Desperados and use their lethal skills to stealthily thin out the enemy rows
  • Approach each mission with a big variety of different solutions and paths
  • Resolve seemingly impossible large enemy setups with careful planning and perfectly timed executions
  • Witness the glory of classic Wild West scenarios like frontier towns, desert canyons, Mississippi swamps, sprawling modern cities and many more by day and night
  • Defeat your foes choosing between deadly and non-lethal options, stealth and blazing guns and further adjust the game to your playstyle with various difficulty settings and special replayability challenges

The closed beta will run July 9-21, and 500 participants will be selected for the tester. You can sign up through here.

In development at Mimimi Games, Desperados was originally an Atari-owned IP before THQ Nordic purchased it along with the Silver IP in 2013.

Desperados 3 is slated for release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One this year.

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