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Désilets says he's "fighting" Ubisoft for control over "amazing" 1666: Amsterdam

Patrice Désilets has said he is "fighting" Ubisoft for control over 1666: Amsterdam.

Désilets filed a lawsuit earlier this month, and the filings state he is seeking $400,000 and the rights to purchase 1666: Amsterdam.

"I'm fighting for it, and that's all I can say for now," Désilets said during Gamelab and reported by GI International. "I'm sorry guys, it was amazing. And it still is amazing, and I hope to get it back and finish it for you - and for me.

"The [games] medium is really in its infancy. It's so much easier in terms of production and coding to just blow stuff up than to create an interaction about human beings. It's so much more subtle than killing. Eventually we'll get there, and it's really a shame that I cannot finish 1666, because it was about all of that."

THQ’s initial agreement with Désilets offered him creative freedom on the title, and his contract specified that IP rights revert to him should the game become cancelled. He is also seeking to instill the “turnaround right” clause with Ubisoft which would grant him the rights to 1666: Amsterdam should it be canceled.

Ubisoft is of the belief the THQ agreement with Désilets has been terminated, and therefore he cannot exercise the turnaround right.

Back in May, Ubisoft stated the acquisition of THQ Montréal in January allowed it to “welcome 170 experienced developers, including Patrice Désilets,” and that unfortunately, “good faith discussions between Patrice and Ubisoft aimed at aligning Patrice’s and the studio’s visions,” became inconclusive.

Ubisoft has since put development of the game on “hold”.

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