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Defiance trailer highlights Dark Matter Arkfalls

Catch up on one of the most interesting additions from the Castithan Charge Pack DLC in this latest trailer for TV-connected MMO Defiance.

As detailed in the trailer below, Dark Matter Arkfalls come in both minor and major varieties. These events have players fighting waves of Dark Matter soldiers against the clock, and even have a chance to tackle The Monolith.

Minor waves last 20 minutes and major waves last up to 60; follow your mini-map to participate before its too late. Enemy waves feature Enforcers, Snipers, Monitors and Bulwarks and scale in difficulty before the Major Arkfall ends with armoured assault mech The Monolith.

Extractor and Mayhem events just pit you against enemy waves, but the Obliteration event is a race to destroy an arkfall core, and the Extraction Force event is a multi-phase battle against Minor arkfalls, Dark Matter troops, and The Monolith. The Monolith cannot be defeated until you destroy its unique attack points.

Each Dark Matter Arkfall has two nodes you can use to boost your EGO, and each event offers other rewards such as Scrip, XP and Keycodes. Players who take down The Monolith will score a Lockbox.

Further details are available on the Defiance website.

Thanks, Polygon.

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