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Defense Grid dev's latest is social sandbox Windborne

Hidden Path Entertainment is working on a social sandbox game about exploring and creating.

Destructoid reports Windborne has players creating a custom avatar and exploring an island, either online or in multiplayer.

The island is dotted with ruins which contain puzzles and treasures, and is besieged by enemies.

Players interact with creatures called Jin, which must be sheltered and protected from attacks, but can be taught useful skills. Players will also breed dragons, which will allow them to fly.

Other players' islands will be visible and visitable, allowing for trade, co-operative building, and raids on other players.

Attacking another island does no harm; it plays out on a copy of the owner's creation. The attackers will earn points while the defenders can see how their defences stack up.

A PC exclusive, Windborne is expected on Steam, including in beta form through Early Access, and there's a possibility of mod support along with all the usual bells and whistles like leaderboards. It will be playable at PAX prime this month.

Hit the link above to check out some beautiful concept artwork.

Hidden Path is responsible for Defense Grid: The Awakening and co-developed Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with Valve.

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