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Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate confirmed for west, trailer shows off newcomer Momiji

Tecmo Koei has put out a new trailer for Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate - and it offers a glimpse into how newly added character Momiji plays.

The trailer shows Momiji going to town on series favourite Kasumi with all sorts of crazy grapples and counters. Momiji fits that kind of action - she hails from the Ninja Gaiden series - and she seems to stay true to her roots with her fighting style. Famitsu also has screenshots of her in action.

The trailer also offers glimpses at a new stage and a new costume for Lei Fang, suggesting additional costumes as part of the updated release. The trailer ends with a brief stinger showing series favourite Leon - absent from the original release - in a desert. It might be the case that he's coming back.

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate was announced this week for Xbox 360 and PS3 over in Japan, and features the original game, additional content from the Vita version and extra additions besides.

The game has also been confirmed for a western release this fall.

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