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Dead or Alive 5 to "push the genre" into next-gen territory

Team Ninja boss Yosuke Hayashi claims Dead or Alive 5 will use the full power of current generation hardware, something none of the "simplistic" fighters of this generation have done.

"In the six years that have passed since Dead or Alive 4, we've thought a lot about what we can do with the games," Hayashi told VG247 in the wake of the game's September reveal.

"You see a lot of fighting games come out now that are really easy to pick up and play - and play online as well. Really simplistic fighting games. You just get ready and go.

"For us though, we thought 'that's okay,' but we really wanted to bring a new dimension to fighting games. We wanted to evolve, and create something that really uses the current generation systems' full potential.

"What would a fighting game be like if you took the base of a fighting game, and upped that 100%? Used up all the machine power of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360?

"That's something that we wanted to do - something that you can't really port onto a handheld, something that can only be done on these consoles.

"When we thought of that idea, we knew the industry had changed a lot since Dead or Alive 4 and that going along the same route wouldn't be enough for us. We wouldn't be satisfied by that.

"Using that as our inspiration, we want to really pump up Dead or Alive 5 as much as we can, really make it something that will push the genre from this generation towards next generation."

No release date has been set for Dead or Alive 5, which was announced at the Tokyo Game Show, but we do know it'll launch on PS3 and Xbox 360 - and probably nowhere else.

Image from 2005's Dead or Alive 4.

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